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Advisory Services

With the changing markets and rising digital innovations, CIOs have grown to setting the business strategy and enabling business outcomes. However, the current market conditions are creating a challenging set of issues for CIOs and IT leaders. To combat these challenges and race in the transformation, all you need is an EXPERT!

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    Navigate your technological needs with the advice of an experienced leader who can look through complexity and connect the dots. Get started by choosing an advisory package from below:

    Good People Mastermind

    Get access to a community of top-notch thought leaders to get a 360 degree perspective of the challenges faced by you as a leader today.

    • blank7 participants (Invite only)
    • blank6 interactive sessions
    • blankBest practices summary at the end of each session

    Process Gap Analysis

    Get a list of all Customer-Facing Processes and pick the one with the highest revenue impact to analyze for gaps.

    • blank3 immediate improvements
    • blank1 applicable technology trend.
    • blankA scalable process gap analysis template

    Advisor Mastermind

    Get mentorship from an Advisor Partner who brings 20 years of IT Process Optimization expertise, and 10 Years of Leadership Coach experience.

    • blankPrioritize current challenges and drill down to one actionable challenge
    • blankGet a visual summary along with 3 actionable improvements.

    Kick-start the path to a Customer-Centric Transformation.

    • blank Delivered by Advisor Partners with solid experience.
    • blank Offering short engagement cycles.
    • blank Delivering clear deliverables.
    • blank Practical, actionable insights with immediate bottom-line impact.

    Book a 15 min conversation to discuss your business challenges with Suyati’s Lead Advisor, Barbara Wittmann, The Trusted CIO & IT Advisor.


    You can also take a quick survey to determine your current strength in
    customer-centric innovation (CX). Click here to take the survey

    Meet Our Lead Advisor: Barbara Wittmann

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    Barbara Wittmann makes IT simple, sage, and strategic. The award-winning author helps organizations with effective digital transformation, smarter global expansion, and leverage IT. A global SAP retail consultant & holder of multiple technology patents, Barbara has 20 years of experience in leading complex technology and change projects. As a certified leadership coach, Barbara makes IT simple among people, departments, and cultures. Barbara shows leaders how to handle complexity, be ready for “curveballs”, and helps IT Leaders and departments to scale to the next level.


    Why do we care?


    Suyati in Sanskrit means “Good People”. Our credo is “Good People Engineering Great Experiences”. We are a leading IT services company with 12 years of experience in the Tech and CX space, and evolve into becoming a full-service transition partner. Having worked with global clients across various industries and scales, we’ve analyzed the challenges and roadblocks faced by them. Our team of Advisor Partners (CIOs, CEOs, Thought leaders) who have a proven track record in big business is here to extend hands-on guidance throughout your entire CX transformation journey.

    Our differentiator is experience. We’d love to share what we learned and would love to help you do the same.

    Join hands with our seasoned leaders who can help you take off in the right direction.