Online Proctoring: A Response to the New Normal in Education

On-Demand Webcast

Today, the Online Proctoring solution proves to be a viable option to ensure a secure online assessment experience for students and faculty alike. It’s not just an option to tide over a long-term lockdown situation, but a reliable approach to reinforce exams with classroom-type security. They also have an inherent advantage of the scalability and convenience of at-home exams, safeguarding the integrity goals of everyone involved – institutions, faculty members, and students. 

The webinar will cover a broad spectrum of topics that focus on the transition from classroom learning to remote academics without losing the authenticity of online assessments. And explore our free content bundle that covers a broad perspective of conducting remote exams with a mix of live and fully automated remote proctoring services

Some key points addressed in the webinar: 

  •         Critical considerations before transitioning to a remote proctoring solution
  •         Integrating the learning management system with an online proctoring solution
  •         Live Proctoring vs Recorded Proctoring vs Advanced Automated Proctoring
  •         Automation and AI-enabled features to keep proctoring fraud-proof
  •         Recognizing and addressing challenges that online proctoring can resolve
  •         Guidance on how to get started immediately


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