Improving Data Strategy to Level Up CX

On-Demand Webcast

Businesses today have a wealth of information. The trick, however, is not in data gathering alone but leveraging the data that you have to understand your customers and their pain points better than anyone else does. The urgency in implementing plans to drive better CX programs cannot be ignored, but taking control of data should be at the forefront of your approach. As a first step, companies need to connect their data, applications, and systems through a broad mix of their business processes.

This webinar walks you through the different methods to integrate your operational data with CX data to better understand your customer needs and provide customers with a memorable buying experience. And explore the free content bundle for interesting insights to enhance data strategy to build a resilient and adaptable CX program.

Get to hear about:

  • How to best leverage operational data to communicate to the customer with real-time updates
  • Methods to focus on data to create actionable insights
  • Learn how to build customer personas to understand who you are talking to and selling to, etc.
  • Get a clear view of your customer and financial data to analyze and provide more accurate forecasting,
  • How to measure your CX efforts back to hard metrics such as customer retention and operational efficiencies.


Roberta O'keith

Customer Exeperience Expert


Daniel Bownman

Advisor Partner - Suyati Technologiess