Identifying the right use case for RPA in the COVID-19 business environment

Finding operational efficiency and reducing costs while maintaining effective and resilient business operations is a top priority. To achieve this, many firms are turning to RPA and automation technologies, but selecting the right tools and identifying where RPA can deliver the highest ROI is challenging.

Topics discussed include:

  • Determining which problem areas will benefit most from intelligent automation in the current environment
  • Discussing the challenges we face in finding the right business use cases for RPA
  • Evaluating where companies have seen positive results from RPA
  • Understanding the differences between emerging technologies and how to select them for intelligent automation at scale


Satya N Jayadev

Vice President and CIO

Skyworks Solutions, Inc


Sehr Saghir

Managing Director, Enterprise Robotics Process Automation

RPA Practitioner


Sidney Madison Prescott

Global Head of Intelligent Automation Spotify


Daniel Bowman

Advisor Partner

Suyati Inc