Customer Experience
for Insurers

On-Demand Webcast

Policyholders are increasingly expecting digital services and seamless interactions across their customer journeys. Companies that develop a customer experience powered by strong data analytics can grow faster and more profitably. They can deliver the best-in-class Customer Experience from customer onboarding all the way through to claims management and settlement. Customer experience has been brought to the forefront by the COVID-19 crisis. 

This webinar opens up to insurers to provide a sense of security and efficient services to their policyholders. Insurance companies have a real opportunity to create a positive, lasting experience for their customers at a time when they need it most through personalized customer experience. Also, get access to our free bundle of resources around building great customer experiences for Insurers.

Get to hear about:

  • Use of analytics to deliver customized and targeted Customer Experience
  • Evaluate how cognitive technologies such as AI and ML can enhance Customer Experience at different stages of a customer journey.
  • Making automation decisions: Where can human interaction bring the most value today?
  • Delivering superior Customer Experience while working remotely.
  • Reflecting on the COVID-19 crisis: What lessons can we learn?


Claire Burns

CMO and Chief Startegy Officer

Prudential International


Larry Nisenson

SVP and Chief Commercial Officer

U.S Life Insurance


Chris Keegan

Senior Managing Director

Beencher Carlson


Mukund Krishna

Founder , CEO

Suyati Inc