Hike in Business Profits with Salesforce


Do you know that 84% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services? But what’s CX got to do with business profits?

Well, almost everything! It’s the coming together of multiple aspects under one single umbrella that Salesforce likes to call Connected Customer Experience. Salesforce Customer 360 gives a unified view of your customers, the most important aspect of the ability to deliver great CX.

How does Salesforce do it? And why does it all work so beautifully together? This e-book will answer all these questions by discussing:

  • Deliver consistently a good buying experience
  • Reinvent workflow and processes to suit business needs
  • Automate the routine chores
  • Gauge customer habits and patterns
  • Improving the efficiency of sales pipeline

...and more! Download your e-book now.

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